Our Coachella Valley Chapter of National Charity League, Inc., founded in 1963, functions through a set of Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.  An elected Board of Directors and appointed committee chairpersons handle philanthropic and social activities for Patronesses, plus Grade Level Advisors direct Ticktockers through a six year progression of opportunities in the areas of leadership development, cultural experiences and community service.

All Patroness committee activity is regularly brought to our board for information or decision, then reported to our general membership at scheduled meetings, and reiterated on our website and in our Chapter-wide Weekly E-blast.  Similarly, Ticktocker activity is handled separately at their regular grade level meetings, reported to our Patroness board through Advisors.  A Ticktocker Council, comprised of the Ticktocker Coordinator, plus representatives from each grade level, meets approximately five times each year to discuss concerns common to all, and to organize Chapter-wide philanthropic or cultural activities.